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Within the labyrinth of present-day music, expressive potential is inevitably bound by the individual sensibilities of the interpreters much more than in the past. Whilst in solo repertoires this potential can be freely released together with the ability of the performer (let's not forget that we live in a technological epoch in which the value of phenomena depends greatly on their degree of mechanical precision), in ensemble music it is essential that every performer possesses, over and above the required technical skills, a certain elasticity which enables him/her to fuse - without confusing - their own identity with that of the others so as to create a rich expressive space where the essence of music flows from the interaction between the various performers.

elastiko is a group which grew out of the search for this space and out of the desire to involve the listener. Its members, elastic also in the sense of adapting themselves to various formations, feel the vocal presence to be vitally important. As a result of the voice's close relationship to the body - within which all sentiment resides - it possesses an innate expressive elasticity to which the instruments constantly aspire in an unceasing collaborative effort.


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Association  elastiko
correspondence adress: via Fratelli Bandiera 200/c, I-20099 Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) - ITALY
main office: via Vito D'Ancona 7, I-50018 Scandicci (Firenze) - ITALY
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